Divi Quick Start Guide

See your web site while you build it.

Using the Divi Builder

Your Sites at Northeastern site comes with Divi, a visual page builder that works within WordPress to allow users to build sites without the use of code.

The following section describes some of the basic features of the Divi builder.

Building on the Front End

Once you create a page on your site, you’ll see a button at the top of your screen that reads “Build on the Front End.” Click this to open the Divi Builder.


Sections, Rows, and Modules

Pages in Divi have three major content components.

Sections, outlined in blue, are the largest component. You can set up different layouts for your section, but you don’t have to. Many pages have just one section.

Rows, outlined in green, are the major layout tool you’ll use on most pages. Rows can have different numbers of columns and different background effects, such as the drop shadows you see on this page.

Modules, outlined in gray, are where you’ll do the most work with your content. There are many different pre-formatted modules for different types of content. Use the settings for each module to add text and media.


Divi elements

Saving Your Page

On the right-hand side of your Divi page, you’ll see buttons labeled “Save Draft” and “Publish.” If you’re not ready to publish your page, be sure to at least save your work before you leave the editor.

 Save and Publish

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