CampusPress Flex Resources

Craft and build an amazing site

Building a new site on Sites at Northeastern? Check out the links below for more information.

Before you get started

CampusPress support page

Get answers to most of your how-to questions.

Building your site

Page settings

This article will introduce how to change page settings such as margins and navigations.

Using pre-designed patterns

This article walks through how to use pre-designed components to elevate your site.

Using the block editor

The block editor uses a modular approach to add content to your site using predesigned block types and components.

Managing posts

Posts are dynamic pieces of content and are used for news articles and updates that are typically featured on the homepage of your site.

Managing images

How to manage images in the media library and configure image blocks to create beautiful, personalized content.

Create a logo

Use the Northeastern logo generator and create an image to upload to your media library.

Ready to go live?