Ready to Launch?

Your go-live checklist

Creating a new website can be rewarding and these links will help you accomplish the most important tasks needed for go-live.

Get indexed on search engines

By default, your site is not indexed by search engines while under construction. Once you’re ready to go live, follow these instructions to get indexed by Google and other search engines.

Request Google Analytics access

Submit a request to access Google Analytics for your site.

Request Siteimprove access

This Northeastern-licensed tool is used for enhancing a site owner’s ability to optimize their sites. It helps to evaluate individual website accessibility and quality assurance performance through programmatic crawls on public-facing web pages.

Request a custom domain

Don’t want the word ‘sites’ in your URL? Submit a custom domain request to the marketing team to review. Domains must meet Northeastern’s domain guidelines. Once approved, the implementation of a custom domain can take up to a week.