Steps to update navigational menu following v3.1 Sites update

These instructions are for users that have duplicated one of the primary navigation links within the dropdown menu in order to be able to navigate to the page. Before v3.1 of Sites at Northeastern, the primary navigation link was used only to open a dropdown menu, and did not have its own page link.

Why make the change?

In v3.1 of Sites at Northeastern the navigational menu was updated to allow for primary navigational links to become clickable if there is a dropdown of secondary navigational links. This allows for duplicated links in a drop-down to be removed.

Instructions if no custom menu is used:

  • If the primary navigation link is linking to its respective page, then the duplicated link in the drop-down menu would need to be removed.
  • Follow this CampusPress knowledge article to update the menu.

Instructions for custom menus:

  • If the primary navigation link does not link to a page, and is designated on the WordPress Dashboard under Appearance > Menus as a “Custom Link” with a URL of “#” in the “Menu structure” column, then a user will need to make some minor edits.
  • First, the primary navigation page needs to be added to the menu. Under Appearance > Menus in the left column under “Add menu items”, check the page you want as your primary navigation link and click Add to Menu. This adds the primary nav link in the right column under “Menu structure”.
  • Drag this new menu item to the desired position in the primary nav menu.
  • Drag all dropdown menu items under the “Custom Link” menu under the new menu item, dragging slightly to the right so they are indented, indicating they are dropdown menu items.
  • Remove the “Custom Link” menu item by clicking the down arrow next to “Custom Link”, then click Remove.
  • Click Save Menu in the lower-right.